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Freshorize 3-in-1 PET Complete - Soap, Air Freshener & Moisturizer

Our number 1 selling product. Transform your passengers lavatory experience with the most innovative soap bottle on the market. We only offer the highest quality of soap, designed to your preference, combined with a special moisturizer to keep your passengers skin moisturized and pleasant after use. What sets this product apart is the performance passive air freshener attached to the back of the bottle. Its combination of our patented micro capillary wick and fragrance oil pod holding only the highest quality perfume oils available, ensures a consistent rate fragrance dispersion from activation til exhaustion. This creates a perfect atmosphere for a positive lavatory experience.

Multipurpose Interior Cleaner - ECO10

Our first Eco product, the Multipurpose Interior Cleaner, was formulated to be used in a wide variety of applications.

A non-ionic surfactant plus application specific bacteria make this product effective in cleaning almost any part of you aircraft.

Airline Certifications: AMS1452C, Boeing D6-7127 Rev P

ECO: Performance Green Chemistry Cleaning

ECO by Freshorize is the first all natural line of cleaning products offered to the airline market. It is the result of $4 million and 4 years of R&D. Each product was specifically designed to address an area of commercial aircrafts that are cleaned on a daily basis.

ECO uses PERFORMANCE GREEN CHEMISTRY, outperforming many chemical based cleaners.

Each product has a combination of green surfactants, all natural enzymes, and/or application specific bacteria that stay behind to consume leftover organic matter.

Perfumery - Featuring our microcapillary system,we have the best passive performance air fresheners in the world

Our patented micrcapillary wick material is the key to the performance of our air fresheners.

By using actual fragrance concentrate developed from real flowers and other smell good items, we are able to evaporate whatever signature fragrance into the atmosphere at a linear rate. This means the strength of the fragrance is the same from activation through exhaustion.

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