Freshorize was founded in 2002 by self-made-entrepreneur Aziz Patel. No stranger to long haul flights, Aziz recalls one flight in particular where he experienced unpleasant odours from the on-board lavatories. This incident was the catalyst for Aziz to find a solution to this all too common problem. A few months later, the concept of combining hand wash and air freshener into one bottle was born. What began as an idea to find a solution to a simple problem, evolved into an award-winning design. This bottle was the first of its kind in the industry!

The Freshorize team has continued to focus on developing products with the constant aim to improve the in-flight passenger experience.  Offering a range of products from skincare to cleaning, to developing and producing eco-friendly materials, to specializing in bespoke products from bottle design to scent branding, Freshorize always aims to lead the way through customization and innovation.

Proudly serving the Airline Industry with products such as Hand Soaps, Lotions, Sanitizers, Interior Aircraft Cleaners, and our new Wellbeing line. All products are aimed at enhancing your passenger experience.