Frequently Asked Questions

Will my current base holder work with your bottle designs?

Freshorize offers 4 different base designs to fit base holders.
Our strength is customizing our products so that we meet your aircrafts designs.
Please contact our sales team and they will be able to assist with this.

Is it possible to get samples of the different signature scents offered?

We offer a variety of signature scents, if you are interested in receiving samples please contact our sales team and they will assist you.

Is your hand sanitizer alcohol based?

We offer both alcohol and alcohol free versions of sanitiser, but for flights we recommend alcohol-free as this falls more in line with flight regulations.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

The short answer is yes. The minimum order quantity (moq) is dependant upon a few factors such as the product being purchased and the shipping terms. To find out more information please contact our sales team.

I have a bottle concept in mind that I do not see on your website. Am I limited to the products you have listed?

At Freshorize we have designers on staff that can customize all of our products. Feel free to browse our custom options page or contact our sales staff for more information.

Is it possible to have the items branded with our companies logo?

A strength of Freshorize is that we have designers on staff that can customize our labels to meet your brands needs. Feel free to browse our custom options page or contact our sales staff for more information.

What options do you have for combatting malodors in our lavatory?

There are a variety of solutions that Freshorize offers to combat malodors.
Our 3-in-1 hand soap has a stealth scent emitter on the back which consistently emits fragrance for the life of the soap.
Our soaps with banded scents can have a customized design and scent.
We offer a variety of air fresheners and containers for use in lavatories and on jet bridges. We also offer a custom option of adding an odour neutralizer, Metazene, which controls malodor at the molecular level.
For more information be sure to look at our air fresheners, custom options or contact our sales team.

How does the microcapillary system work?

Our air freshener system combines a pod that holds concentrated complex fragrances and our patented microcapillary wick that diffuses the fragrance into the air at a consistent rate from activation to exhaustion.

We were looking to develop a custom scent as a part of our branding is this an option with Freshorize?

YES! If you are interested in customizing a brand fragrance, our fragrance experts can help you select ingredients to formulate the perfect scent for our products. All of our products can be customized: Air Fresheners, Hand Soap, Lotion, Cabin Sprays, Cleaning Products and our Wellbeing Line, XÉN.

Our company is looking to source eco-friendly products, do you offer a line that is more environmentally friendly?

All our bottles are made of PET plastic which is a highly recyclable plastic. We also offer soap and sanitiser in larger refill bottles which can reduce the number of bottles thrown away.