Customisation & Design

Freshorize is determined to positively impact the Airline Industry and has provided products that continue to evolve with the changes in the industry. As a leading supplier of hand soaps, lotions, air fresheners, sanitizers, wipes, and multi-surface cleaners, we continue to provide environmentally friendly patented solutions.


When working with Freshorize you can expect our talented in-house design team's full attention throughout the process of product customization and smart solution designs. 

Our streamlined process begins with us learning about your brand's goals and what impact you would like your products to have on your passengers. Our in-house design team will create a customized solution for your aircraft's specifications and brand vision.


We also specialize in Fragrance Branding. We can create a custom signature fragrance for your brand use. Custom or branded fragrances can be used in our products to evoke various emotions from your passengers: calm, relaxed, energized, invigorated, etc.

At Freshorize we offer more than just your basic products. We offer products that are tailored to your design needs and utilize fragrances that reflect and embody your brand. 

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The senses alert the human body to more than just their surrounding environment. They can also influence emotions a person's state of mind. One of the most influential senses is smell. 

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Every aircraft is different. The design elements of each model have to be taken into consideration when looking for products. We can offer a range of solutions when it comes to bottle and base design.  

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Freshorize is sensitive to the environmental impact of the products we sell. We continue to seek ways to provide environmentally friendly, recyclable and sustainable options.