Smells so good. Does an airplane lavatory come to mind?

Fresh Soap. Fresh Scent. Fresh Outlook.

[WINTER SPRINGS, FLORIDA, November 2019] On travel days I experience a variety of emotions depending on any number of reasons, there is frequency, reason for travel, destination, travel partners, weather and more that impact my mind set. Then of course there is the carrier, the attendants, the condition of the aircraft, and all the other passengers. All of these factor in to one’s experience and emotions during travel. Wait, did I mention smell? Typically, I bring a scarf scented with lavender oil. This serves a two fold purpose it calms my nerves during travel, and it acts as a barrier from any unpleasant odors. I am extremely sensitive to smell and this method works for me.

Have you ever traveled the skies and been impressed with the aroma onboard? I assure you that is an unspoken expectation of many passengers. When everything is fresh and clean, mums the word. However, when there is malodor, hellooo twitter! As a supplier of hand soap, lotion, sanitizers, and cleaners to the airline industry, I might know a bit too much about lavatory odor and germs onboard.

Freshorize is the leading provider of hand soap to the airlines internationally with customers ranging from British Airways to Spirit Airlines. Literally from coast to coast and across the globe Freshorize has worked with airlines developing custom products to help airlines meet passengers unspoken expectations.

Behind the scent and scenes is a UK based company that has taken roots in the US since 2013, with an office located in Winter Springs, Florida, we are positioning for growth. In fact, Freshorize has recently hired three UCF students, two paid internships and one part time employee. Rebecca, the Business Operations Manager states, “We are very impressed with the students that we are currently employing from UCF. They have become a great asset to our team and the skills and knowledge they possess are a testament to the education they are receiving.” Our goal is to provide the new hires with an opportun